1. Change

From the recording Magnificat In Blue

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In a soliloquy, the childless and aged Elizabeth accepts her change of life and that her immediate family will never grow beyond she and her husband, Zechariah. (SD - acoustic guitar/vocals)


CHANGE by Scott Detweiler

I was young
I was beautiful
The sun shone down on me
But as the years went by
On the things I had in mind
The sun went down on me
Then the change came
My plan to be a mama wouldn’t be
Then the change came
The sun went down on my dreams

I have love
With Zechariah
We are family
But when you’re married to a guy
For a long, long time
You get to know the things that make him smile
Then my change came
His plan to be a papa wouldn’t be
Then my change came
And the sun went down on his dream

I feel like I’m December
When I’m around the April ladies
Havin babies
For their husbands
So easy, so easy
And my husband’s never said
An unkind word to me

I did cry
For a long time
When my changin was complete
But the paint has dried
My marriage has survived
I’m blessed with Zechariah
And as the years have gone by
We have lived our lives
As God says it should be

A change came
A change came
A change came to me
A change came
A change came
A change came to me
A change came
I know I’m blessed with Zechariah

Copyright 2016, 2017 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Registered in The U.S. Library of Congress. Written by Scott Detweiler, from his oratorio, "Magnificat In Blue"