1. Blues For Mary

From the recording Magnificat In Blue

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Mary sings to her cousin Elizabeth, describing Angel Gabriel's song and delivers his message.
(SD - acoustic guitar/vocals, Bill Johnston - clarinet)


BLUES FOR MARY by Scott Detweiler

An angel came to me
He had a horn
An angel came to me
He had a horn
And as he blew his song
I knew some babies would be bein born

It sounded like Louie
Way down New Orleans
It sounded like Pete Fountain
Way down New Orleans
There’ll be a baby for you
And a baby, a baby for me

We gotta be strong
We gotta be brave
We gotta have faith
There’s a whole world to save

Gabe already blew
That song for your man
Gabe already blew
That song for you man
So’s when you see Zachariah
He’ll already understand

Copyright 2016, 2017 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Registered in The U.S. Library of Congress. Written by Scott Detweiler, from his oratorio, "Magnificat In Blue"