1. Monkey Hill

From the recording Katrina Brought The Water

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SD - vocals/guitars
Mark Drews - bass
Paul Van de Riet - drums
Bal - lead trumpet
Scott Detweiler, Jr. - alto saxophone and backing vocals
Clem Jeffreys - trumpet
Nikki Campbell - congas
SS - percussion and backing vocals
Recorded from March through October 2007 at VAVV STUDIOS, Los Angeles, CA


MONKEY HILL (by Scott Detweiler)

Well I heard about a lady
She lived on St. Charles Street
She got seventeen pet monkeys
And a polka-dot limosene
Every summer evenin
When the moon is filled
She takes em up to Monkey Hill
Monkey Hill

Well now I'm not one for livin
All caged up in a zoo
All day chewin on bananas
Cause there ain't nothin else to do
So I wrote a letter to the lady
And asked if she will
Take me up to Monkey Hill
Monkey Hill
Talkin bout Monkey Hill
Monkey Hill

Well the lady came to see me
It was after closin time
She said her monkeys ran away from her
They ran away with 17 hot little monkey brides
So I said we should be married
So that's what we did
We got married on Monkey Hill
Monkey Hill
Talkin bout Monkey Hill
Monkey Hill

Copyright 1993, 2007, 2008, 2017 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Registered in The U.S. Library of Congress. Words and music by Scott Detweiler. From his album, “Katrina Brought The Water”.