From the recording Katrina Brought The Water

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SD - vocals/guitars
Mark Drews - bass
Paul Van de Riet - drums
Ed Cogan - piano
Bal - lead trumpet
Clem Jeffries - trumpet
Scott Detweiler, Jr. - alto saxophone
Richard Orantes - congas
Recorded from March through October 2007 at VAVV STUDIOS, Los Angeles, CA


SOMETIMES ITS HARD (by Scott Detweiler)

Sometimes it's hard when I ain't got no friends
No one to call, no one to tell
But I keep on goin
Got to keep on (fellas)

Sometimes it's rough when my road just won't end
No place to stop, no where to rest
But I keep on goin
I got to keep on

Sometimes it hurts when there's nobody home
I hear the crowd, baby
But I still feel alone
But I keep on goin
Imma sing it again, now
Said, I keep on goin
I gotta keep on
I gotta keep on, baby
I gotta, gotta, gotta, keep it on, baby

Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2017 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Registered in The U.S. Library of Congress. Words and music by Scott Detweiler. From his album, “Katrina Brought The Water”.