From the recording Renditionation Integration

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SD - guitar and vocals
Recorded in the middle of a live audience at at The Infusion Gallery in Los Angeles, California, USA


BEEN DOWNHEARTED by Scott Detweiler

Been downhearted ever since the day we met
How blue can one may get
How blue can he get

You’re so evil when I’m with you, baby
And so jealous when we’re apart
How blue can one man get
The answer’s right here in my heart

Bought you a brand new Ford
You said, “I want a Cadillac”
Bought you a hundred dollar dinner
You said, “thanks for the snack”
I let you stay up in my penthouse
You said, “It was a shack”
I gave you seven children
And now you wanna give em back

I been downhearted baby
Ever since the day we met
How blue can one man get
How blue can you get

Copyright 1957 Leonard Feather Publishing. All Rights Reserved