1. Water

From the recording Infusion Went Away

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SD - guitar and vocals
Recorded in the middle of a live audience at at The Infusion Gallery in Los Angeles, California, USA


WATER by Scott Detweiler

The girl say she just gotta have some water
But my water maker broke
I said, “If you just want some water
You better go on up the road”

She knocked on Leo’s window
He say, “I ain’t got no water here”
He say, “If you ‘re really thirsty
Well then you can have a beer”

Sun came up that mornin
Mornin came and went
I heard she went down to Leo’s
Never saw that girl again

Copyright 2009, 2017 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Words and Music by Scott Detweiler.