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  1. Respectfully

From the album Johnston Solo Sessions

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SD - guitar and vocals
Recorded by Bill Johnston at Addison Studio, North Hollywood, California, USA


RESPECTULLY by Scott Detweiler

I know she’s gentle as the mornin
And her smile can stop the rain
I know she’s lovely as a flower
And her arms can ease the pain

But that’s not what took hold of me
On The day we first met
It was that she loved me

Her kiss is sweet as she is lovely
In a different kind of way
Her passion burns just like the summer, oh yeah, baby
More than words can ever say

But that’s not what’s been holdin me
Since the day we first met
It’s because she love me

She love me so respectfully, baby
Na na na na na

I can’t give her lots of fancy things
No fast fancy cars, no diamond rings
But I can treat her like a like a like a lady
And love her
And love her
And love her, love her, love her

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