1. Travelin Man

From the recordings Johnston Solo Sessions and Travelin Man

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SD - guitar and vocals
Recorded by Bill Johnston at Addison Studio, North Hollywood, California, USA


TRAVELIN MAN by Scott Detweiler

If I could be slim
Nough to reach through the phone
I’d wrap my arms around you
And never let go
And I’d wipe your tears
With the palm of my hand
Sometimes it’s hard to be
A travelin man

If I could be flat
Nough to fit in this card
I’d mail myself to you
And love you so hard
And I’d hear your words
Though my hearin is bad
Sometimes it’s hard to be
A travelin man

God made the world
Oh and lately it seems in my weary days
He wants me to see more
Of the beautiful people and places he made
And it’s keepin me far
Oh so far, far away
Lord sometimes I’m tired
And too weary too weary to pray

If I could be there
At the table with you
We’d talk about the days
Til the evenin is through
And I’d wipe my tears
With the back of my hand
Sometimes its hard to be
Sometimes its hard, child, to be
Sometimes its hard to be
A travelin man

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