Mardi Gras Mystery

Scott Detweiler

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2020 (Detweiler Records) DETWEILERMUSIC EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW (release date is 09/15/20): The two most basic mysteries of the Mardi Gras season are pondered in Detweiler's Mardi Gras Mystery: "Who swallowed the doll that should've been found in the king cake?" and "Who knocked me down when I bent down to pick up long beads from the sidewalk during a parade?"

Recorded at Killion Studio (North Hollywood, California) during what would be the last full band recording session before the pandemic.

SD - guitar/lead vocals/percussion Albert Trepagnier Jr - drums/background vocals/percussion Dale Jennings - bass/percussion Bill Johnston - baritone sax/background vocals and percussion

Engineered by Sergio Rios Produced by Dale Jennings

Music and lyrics by Scott Detweiler.

©2019, 2020 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

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