1. Preacherman

From the recording Memphis Bound

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Scott Detweiler – guitar/vocals, Ed Cogan – organ, Jim Goodall – drums, Dale Jennings – bass and Bill Johnston – alto saxophone.
Live studio recorded in Los Angeles, California, USA. Engineered by Charlie Campagna and produced by Bill Johnston.



Oh they call me the preacher man
Cause I knows how to talks, you see
I preach righteously to those on their knees
And I tell them how their lives should be
When I pass the plate
They lay their dead paper presidents down
Then the show begins and the band kicks in
People rolling all around on the ground
My ride’s too big to park at 7-11
But I can tells ya how to get up to heaven
Lord, I’m the preacher man

All the ladies in my neighborhood
Knows my face and is good to me
I gots nugget rings on all my fingers
New blue gators on my feet
In the dead of night the calls keep coming over the phone
Lonely ladies say, “come over right away
I need some Jesus and I’m all alone”
I parks my ride in the shadows to hide it
From the neighbors cause my business is private
Lord, I’m the preacherman

Ever since the big hurricane
Took my church right away from me
It took everything that the Lord did bring
Except for my memories
I’m too depressed to pray
In my trailer on the empty space
Where my church once stood when times was good
They say New Orleans will recover one day
My ride’s still gone and the police haven’t found it
The water’s down and I still feel like I’m drownin
Lord, I’m the preacherman

Words and Music by Scott Detweiler.
©2008, 2017, 2022 Detweiler Music, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.